Apr 18, 2014

Getting inside an Author's Head

I'm writing a story where as a plot point a character analyzes all the books by an author in order to analyze him.  She's got a lot of material, over 2,000 books cuz immortal spirits who can't sleep have to do something with their time than write,  and being an even older spirit she's had lots of time to read them.

Anyway, she picks up on things like where he's from, what he fears, and what his desires are from small things like throw away lines, random facts, and the themes that crop up in different stories.

So now I'm curious, can this be done in real life? Can you get a sense of an author after reading a few of his or her books in a row? I'm not talking about an author's style, but hints of their likes and dislikes.  I know personally, I slip things like that into my stories, but I've never tried to analyze it from the other end.

Has anyone tried, purposely or inadvertently? What'd you discover?


  1. I think it depends on an author. Some authors tend to insert themselves into at least one character, and some authors are so much in love with one or more of their characters that it shines through. You can definitely tell something about the author from the overall moral points they make in a book. But I think it largely depends on writing style, genre, and personality.

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  2. I have never tried this but it is a very interesting concept for a story.
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2