Nov 16, 2013

Mid-Nano Blues

It's that time of NaNo where I really could use the support of fellow Wrimos for word sprints and word wars.  You know, that part of the story where you're no longer getting into the story and developing the characters/world and the climax (and thus fun parts to write) is so far away.  Maybe this is just a me thing, because I refuse to write anyway but linearly, but here it is. The Mid-Nano Blues.

I started out writing this year by hand, and it was going pretty well.  There is something about seeing the concrete evidence of my head that makes me happy, knowing that I filled this notebook. 

Of course, it makes counting a pain and full of rough estimates. And as I've discovered, the two hours a day I need with a pen in my hand to meet the daily word count is killer on my fingers.  This may also have something to do with the fact that I really only have three writing surfaces - my foam mattress, my landlady's armchair's armrest, and a table whose height is the equivalent of my knees when I'm sitting on my chair. 

Writing by hand is also much slower than my typing speed, and as I've been behind from the beginning due to a two day bug, I've switched to my keyboard and laptop.

I feel kinda like a cheater actually, having done this.  I don't even have a full notebook of words, just 3/4ths of one.  But me and my goal orientated nature, I must get to 50K before the month is up!  I'm just short of halfway there, but also have several days coming up where writing will be hard (climbing a mountain tomorrow!). 

RAWR!  I suddenly feel fired up and if I didn't have to start hiking at 7am tomorrow would be up till 3am typing. 

Wouldn't be the first time.

Hope everyone else participating this years is where they want to be!


  1. Don't feel like a cheater for switching to a keyboard - are you kidding me? I mean, NaNo is hard enough without imposing other rules to add to the difficulty! Good luck getting through the mid-way blues - we've all been there! You can push through!

  2. I love writing by hand, but yes it does cause pain after a while. I think climbing a mountain is a good excuse not to write - it's the best one I've heard :-)

  3. The NaNo blues are always the worst, but trust me, it gets better! And total props to you for writing it by hand. It hurts my fingers just to think about it. Good luck pushing through!