Oct 6, 2013

October is here!

October! October! October!

I've been waiting for this month since the last few days of September, because I really wanted to fill in my NaNo profile with information for my project this year.  I'm so excited, because NaNo is awesome and I already have a holiday/writing retreat for next month planned.

*sigh*  I miss having a close writing community. I can't even bother my sister with plot bunnies and the like.

But well, October is cool for other months too. There's Halloween (and a party 7 hrs away I'm gonna get to I swear!), my birthday, and several going away parties as other volunteers in the area pack up and leave Ethiopia for good to return to the States (or Germany as the case may be).  It's sad seeing them go, but it does mean the month is packed with goodbye dinners and parties that are fun and full of memories.  Pity I forgot to take pictures at the one yesterday.

Regardless, I have a good feeling about this month.  And not even the crazy amount of dust that will be blown into my eye when the wind picks up this month will destroy that.

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant and emotional month ahead! 7 hours to a Halloween party though??