Oct 31, 2013


Seriously, I am super excited for this year's project. For reason I can't quite explain. Just am.



Sadly, my first day of potential writing will be spend on a 7 hour trip to a Halloween party. Which may or may not take longer because I can't get a direct bus.  Yay!  (I should not be excited for such a journey, but then again, I am.  Time at site has been crazy lately, the other day I actually considered working overtime just for the break in boredom.)

I've also decided to write it this year in ink. As in, by hand.  As the most recent power outage has shown me, I well, don't always have power XD.  And I would hate to go four days without my laptop to churn out words. So pen and paper it is, in this snazzy notebook I got from another PCV.

I got this little plot bunny in my head months ago, and now am super excited to write it.

Maybe I'm just in a writing mood.  October tends to do that to me.  As soon as NaNo comes around my brain explodes with ideas!  I've already written....maybe 40K words of various other stories this month because they were screaming to get out and well, I must do that before November!  Can't interrupt my baby, on no!

This year, I've got everything. Marriage (and then love), murder, aliens, genetically engineered humans, invisible cat friends, space ships.  Right, maybe be lacking on the dragons and magic front, but my October stories got that covered!

I swear, I swear, I 'm not high on coffee, haven't had any all day, but......TOMORROW NANWRIMO STARTS!



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