Sep 29, 2013

Best Read of August: WIRED

I keep logging into Goodreads, even though I have no new action to take on my currently reading list, and get depressed every time I see how far behind I am on my yearly goal.  I have so much free time, what am I doing that's not reading books?

...Maybe writing.  And watching TV shows. And when you do your laundry in buckets it takes twice as long to do the washing.

Sadly, I did not finish a single book this past month. But I did read five issues of WIRED.  I love that magazine.  It's nice to look at the ads and think, oh man, a new iPhone? because no one around me even knows a new one is exists.  And then all the articles about the future technology and social issues make me want to see if WIRED predictions are right when I return. Cuz air space laws about drones are scheduled to see some action next year and I really want to know if I can get cookies delivered to my house via model helicopter when I'm Stateside again.

I promise to myself that I will finish a book next month! Nay, catch up on the 5 I'm behind! 

I'm totally dreaming, aren't I?

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