Aug 9, 2013

Solidad - pt 3

Sharing a bit of my extra scenes from my WIP, Strella PAX, this month. Also looking for beta input, if this interests anyone.


There was a school on the north side the Solidad liked.  Not to attend, but as an example.  It's purpose was to help those with a disability, autism, to learn how to overcome their struggle and live a normal life.  A place where autistic kids didn't have to worry about stares or not being normal, where they could be themselves and be safe.

She wanted her future mind reader home to do the same.

Solidad walked in one day and asked to see the director of the school. Apparently, being a director was a lot of work. She had never seen her principals do anything.  But she set up an appointment for the following week and set aside a list of questions.

What skills help you in your job? What type of degree would prepare her best to lead a similar institution? What type of staff would she need? Other people of knowledge? What worked about the school, what didn't? How was it founded?

She couldn't wait to talk to Mr. Abebe.


Business it was.  The goal of their project might be to give mind readers a better life, but it had to be run like a business for it to be successful. But that was for grad school.  First she need her bachelors.

“Choose something in line with the people you want to help. That way you can understand their needs.”

But there wasn't a single school offering a major in mind reading.

So she instead chose to study the next best thing, how society would react to Camilo coming out as a mind reader.  Sociology.


The problem however was getting into university.  She never finished seventh grade, let alone had a high school diploma.

“Take the GED,” the admissions counselor said.  “Get involved with things in the city so you can show you talents and accomplishments, connect with people who can give you a recommendation and apply next year.”

So she studied hard for nine months, forcing Raul and Camilo to do the same.  And when they all got their scores back, discovered they did really well.

“I could go to college too,” Raul said in wonder. Solidad knew he had never been book smart, and here he was doing well in a test in English.

“You have the money.”


“Any idea on what you want to study?”

Psychology. Camilo wrote. I want to understand why I am the way I am. And dance.

“You are very good at tribal,” Solidad told her friend. “You could learn a lot about other styles if you do that.”

That was the point.

Raul laughed. “There you go, study what interests you.”

“And what interests you Raul?”


“Economics it is. You can be head accountant.”


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  1. I read all three Solidad posts. Very interesting backstory. Interested to see the characters in your story and how this past influences them.