Aug 3, 2013

Michael and Dominic - pt 3

Sharing a bit of extra scenes from my WIP, Strella PAX, this month.  Am also looking for a beta's read-through, if anyone is interested.


On the first day of summer, Mr and Mrs Lugar took Dominc and Michael to the zoo.  Michael was excited, he would be spending the day and the night with his friend, and there was supposed to be a new baby elephant at Brookfield Zoo.

They went to the zoo in the morning, less people, for it was already known that the more people there were, the more likely it was for Dominc's head to hurt.

“Freddy says 'that cloud looks like a baseball bat'.”

“Which one?” Michael looked up and Mr. Lugar came to stand next to the boys.

“You two like cloud watching?”

“We're trying to find a baseball bat.” Dominic said.

His dad pointed towards the dolphin aquarium. “Over there.”

They had stayed a little longer than planned, Dominic and Michael insisted on seeing the bats.  But it was more crowded than either of them expected. Dominic screamed when a bat flew over head, dropping to the floor, and Mrs. Lugar bent down next to him. “They won't hurt you Dominic.”

But Dominic just shook his head, and refused to get up, tears streaming down his face.

“Is it Freddy again?” Michael asked, crouching down to be at his friend's level.

He shook his head. “It's a million Freddies and their dreams.”

Mr. Lugar pulled Michael aside. “Who's Freddy Mikie?”

“Freddy is the person who talks in Dommy's mind.”

Mr. Lugar went white.

Mrs. Lugar had Dominic in her arms and was standing. “Time to go back boys.”


“What did the doctor say?” Michael asked when Dominic came over to play.

“That Freddy isn't real. Or the dreams.”

Michael frowned.

“But you hear Freddy. And see all those dreams.  How is that not real?”

Dominic shrugged. “He says I'm sick. That my brain is wrong.”

Michael scooted closer to his friend. “The doctor sounds stupid.”



“Mommy, why is there a cop car at Dommy's house?”

Marissa came into the sun room to look at what her son was talking about.  There was a dark blue car outside the Lugar's house, the lights under the mirror not seen in standard models, with a hard to see black detail reading Chicago City Police.  Not Berywn.

“I don't know.”

As they watched, a woman officer came out, holding a screaming Dominic while he reached over her shoulder for his parents who were standing in the door way.  Neither of them made a move to stop the office.

“Mommy! They're taking Dommy away! Why! He hasn't done anything wrong!”

“Stay here.” She ordered, stepping outside the front door.  Michael watched as she approached the Lugar house. Mrs. Lugar kept crying, but Mr. Lugar was explaining something.  When Marissa came back, her mouth was in a tight line.

Michael ran to meet her. “What happened to Dommy?!”

“He's sick with a disease called schizophrenia. The police took him to a place called Stella PAX to get better.”

“Oh.  How long will that take.  When will he be coming back?”

“Mikie, when someone goes to PAX, they don't come back.”


Really, really needed these scenes as Michael's witness of Dominic's progression as a mind reader helps to shape his future thoughts on PAX.  Plus, Dominic is never actually scene in the novel, but is mentioned through contact with another character, Ira Black.


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