Apr 5, 2013

E for End of the Century

I really just love this song because I loved to dance to it when playing Dance Dance Revolution.


It was pretty obvious this was actually the end of the world. We had been on edge about it for about a year, ever since astronomers announced this was the decade Sol would expand to the point to swallow Earth. But before it got to that point, we would have already been fried.

Today though, today I woke up with circuits feeling malleable and after a few blinks to reset my HUD I saw that my body was reporting warning signs. If this heat kept up, within two days my wiring would fry, my body would stop functioning, and without the generator in my chest to keep my cybernetic brain on it would shut off and bring my death.

48 hours to live.

So I did what any city girl would do. I blew off work (what as the point of showing apartments to people who would not even get a chance to make an offer), called my girlfriends, and we made our way to the End of the Century club.

I figured it was kinda ironic. And hey, knowing I had only two days left I wouldn't mind dipping in my savings for the cover fee. Or getting fully buzzed.  I  didn't have the money to go on the trip I had been saving for, the Mariana Trench, otherwise I would have gone there. Being underwater might buy me a few extra hours.

I met Cindi, Xenon, and Nickle at the door to the club. There was a line to get in, but it was moving in an orderly fashion through the chrome double doors and no one was plugging their finger into the cash register.

“No cover, can you believe it?” Nickle asked.

Huh, so the owner also figured the timing and the name of his club was ironic. I suddenly liked him, even though we had never met.

We jumped in line, and as it kept moving I vaguely wondered how all these people were going to fit in the club. It wasn't very large as far as clubs went.  It was usually just a place for celebrities that was small and intimate based on the JPEGs I had seen. But the answer was pretty obvious once we entered it.

The club sat in the middle of a block, and the walls into the next two shops had been torn down to triple the dance floor. It was anyone's guess who actually didn't the wrecking, the club owner (with or without permission of his neighbors) or the dancers to relieve the tight press of bodies.  Regardless, the club goers had fully taken over the adjacent shops. Mods from the clothing store to the left were no longer on the shelves but on the metal bodies of dancers and I was pretty sure that from the neurosurgeon to the right all the good drugs were being used.

Xenon dove right into the moving metallic bodies while the rest of us hung back, and came back with syringe of sedative that the surgeon had used for his work. We wanted to actually participate in the dancing, not just fall to the ground in sleep mode, so we shared it between all four of us before making our way to the thickest of the dancing.

You couldn't really do individual dance moves in the crowd, it was more like a group sway with sporadic people punching fists into the air.  But what really held people's attention wasn't the dancing but the skylight above.  It was the sun, large and red, and I could just imagine it growing and growing and growing until it swallowed the whole universe.  Vaguely, I wondered if those who had relocated to Mars were watching Earth to pay witness to our destruction.  It would be a while yet before the planet was actually inside Sol, but it had to be on the Mars news channels that we were going to die here soon.

I spotted a news camera in a corner of the ceiling, watching us dance, and suddenly I wanted to show the people of Mars, and who ever else might be watching (we never found other species but I'm pretty sure they exist) that humans are a species full of life. Sure, we may have traded flesh bodies for mechanical ones centuries ago, but we still had the same heart and soul. We were a species full of life and fun, who has survived all odds.  So I may not survive to see Wednesday morning, but humans would. 

I concentrated on dancing.  This newscast would go down in history and if I danced my best, was caught caught on camera for just a little bit this night (thanks to my awesome dancing skills) I would still be alive in some ways. This might be the end of my body and consciousness, but it didn't have to be the end of me.


I've always like the idea of humans become robots, no longer human but still considering themselves as such.  So, what do you think? If the world was ending would you go dancing?


  1. I like this post! I think we are getting ever closer to blurring the line between human and machine. And yes I would totally dance during the end of the world...but probably at home :-)

    Thanks for visiting!
    Jenny at Choice City Native

    1. Yeah, that line is fascinating to me. I did some reading on posthumanism and transhumanism in college that really captured my attention.

      And I would...maybe dance.

  2. Great story! I really like the world you built (even though you're destroying it.)

    1. Why thank you! And I have admit, destroying it was kinda fun.