Sep 22, 2012

I'm surprised my hands aren't cramped

I'm coming down from a writing binge.  Last Saturday I just sat on my bed and wrote. And wrote. And wrote.  17,500 words, 40 pages, and 12 hours of writing.  Amazing productivity, but I didn't really finish until 3:30 in the morning, and here you wake up at 6:30 because of birds and the mosque's call to prayer.  I did manage to roll over, wake up at nine, and then polish of an addition 4,000 words I think the next day.  And then, just for kicks, I've been working on audio recording some of my stories. 8 total now.  All very short of course, only one is longer than 15 min, but they take a while to record and edit.  And I find myself having to wait awhile as a gari goes jingling pass between paragraphs.

I've always kinda had a pattern of writing like this, but not so extreme and it's amazing how productive I can turn a day into.


I kinda ignored working out, washing clothes/dishes, researching for my CENA, or reading stuff Peace Corps gave me.  But it was such a nice mental high, working on writing and having things just flow.  I've had a couple of idea come to me, but haven't given them much words yet. This was just completing up two short stories and it feels wonderful to have them done.

I wanted to write a novel while here, if I binge quarterly like this, maybe I can write three.


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