May 21, 2012

My Backyard is No Longer Safe

I came home yesterday weekend and learned that something has happened.  There used to be a starling/blackbird nest in the arborvitaes that separated our yard from the neighbors. That was cool, the daddy (or mommy?) bird would drive all the squirrels away from our porch and as a result our flowers have done well.

But now he no longer hangs on the eve of the house. Nor do I hear the cheep cheep of little birds.

Dad told me to go walk around the backyard, and I stupidly agreed. I got attacked by bird.

Seriously, he launched himself from a tree and came straight for my face! Twice! I tried to attack him with the hose, but he kept away from the water.

We're not entirely sure what he's protecting, because his territory is huge.  The house is on a corner and he's attacked people on both streets, not to mention people on boats going down the canal about a 1/4 acre from the back door.  And he's actually hit people.

It's kinda funny to watch, (while he hit my brother, he wasn't hurt) and I wanted to record a video but he's also freakishly fast and has a habit of attacking you from behind.  Maybe I can get one later.

Sad thing is, I'm now scared to take my book and towel to read out on the lawn in the sun. ;_;


  1. eek, I'm not a fan of birds because when they are mean, they are scary! LOL

  2. There was a reason Daphne du Maurier wrote about them...

  3. Have you seen the Hitchcock movie The Birds? You should :D

  4. Yikes! Maybe wear a helmet and some shoulder pads when you wander outside. Some protection!

  5. That's so sad... and worrying. I wonder if one of the fledglings fell out and the bird is till trying to protect it. We have a blackbird nest in the Yew hedge right near our back door so I do hope the same thing doesn't happen here.

    By the way, I'm not sure why it's happening but I usually click on people's names when they visit my blog so I can visit theirs but yours now just comes up with your Google+ account and doesn't give an obvious link to this blog. I ended up Googling you!