Apr 11, 2012


I want one. That is all.

XD You can totally tell I had no idea what to do for K. But I do love kite flying. It just sucks that my front yard has power lines. I've lost many a kite there. And the field on the island is near the airport, and I'm always worried that we'll send the kite up too high and it'll get stuck in a plane's propellers or the like as it comes in for a landing. Being responsible for a plane crash is not on my bucket list.

Today's Verbal Challenge:
Kit Kitten's Kite can't cut curves


  1. lol - some letters are so much harder than others, aren't they?

    I like kites too, but I'm really bad at flying them - I spend a lot more time picking them up off the ground than having them soaring in the sky!

  2. I've never actually flown a kite, which makes me sad. I need to rectify that!

  3. :D the dragon kite looks awesome!

  4. that is one beautiful kite. They are so beautiful and when they take flight, it's magical. I can't remember ever flying one myself. Hmmm, have to do something about that.

  5. Yup, those power lines and airplanes can contain real suckage!