Mar 31, 2012

A is for, well, A

Today starts the A-Z Blog Challenge! I'm to publish one post, every weekday, for this entire month, each themed around a word staring with a letter of the alphabet, starting with 'A' on the 1st and 'Z' on the 30th. (Is that right? *sings song to self* Yup, 30 days)

But today is just about the letter 'A'.

Because I'm kinda weird and have a favorite letter XD

Maybe sound would be more appropriate. There are so many different way to say the vowel, and there's something magical about adding 'a' to a name. Sarah is boring, Sarafina sounds regal and fantastical. Alaska sounds so much better to me than Vermont. 'A' is just a sound I really love to hear, I find myself attracted to words or names with it as much as I'm attracted to shiny and fuzzy things.

It feels good, starting something like this with a favorite (it must be fate!), and I hope the rest of you on this journey get off to a good start too!

And now, try saying this three times fast ^_~

Alligators Anticipate Alining Atoms


  1. LOL, until I read this, I didn't realise that I too have a fondness for the letter A! :D

  2. You're right about the names with an A like Anna and Edwina. Nice idea.
    I’m doing the A to Z Challenge too at A to Z of Nostalgia

  3. Alakazam! Off and running.

  4. LOL, what a cute post! I never thought about it, but you are so right. Alaska sounds 100 times better than Vermont LOL. I guess I am a fan of the letter A too. :D

    I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts, good luck with the challenge! :)

  5. My name starts with A and I totally agree :)

  6. I can't say it once fast, let alone three times :-)

  7. I DO find that I'm drawn to names that end in 'A'.

    Why, I wonder? :)

  8. A, A, A, A, A+

    Welcome aboard!

    Stopping in as an A to Z Blogging Challenge participant. Please feel free to visit and comment on any of my blogs as well, leaving a link to your own post, so my readers can find you too!

    All on and all in the A to Z Challenge

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  9. I love A too - from Annalisa!! :-)

  10. Great start to the challenge. I do like the letter A. One of my favourite characters in my books owes his name to A which I placed before the word glacier to form Aglacier :)

  11. Great A post. I wish I had more time to look at more A posts today but I should probably get other stuff done today too.

  12. I never thought about a favorite letter but if I had to pick it would have to be the letter "B." Yep, it's my favorite!

    I'm here to say hi and welcome you to the Challenge!


  13. I had a blast doing it last year.

    Catch My Words

  14. My favourite letter? M, of course!
    You can learn about Jerusalem from my A-Z posts.