Apr 6, 2012

Growing as a Writer

...is a lot like realizing how old your siblings are. You think of them always as this little first grader with a rat tail and fondess for monkeys, you remember their first steps, and then bam! they're in high school in a steady relationship and you realize if they're old, you're older. T.T

Because you don't notice the little things, you need reference points, and I've never really been able to see my writing change unless I compare it to something new. So, just for kicks, I pulled out the oldest story from my laptop, from 06 when I was...17. I think, age math sucks.

Enjoy an excerpt from an untitled, unfinished piece Word informs me I called Circus, a piece I had completely forgotten I started XD.


Obviously this wasn’t heaven, or hell for that matter. Not lofty angels or cackling demons. The white clouds of heaven were not to be seen and hell’s ground cover of flames was green grass. The expected sounds of harps or screams were not heard. Instead the happy noise of a crowd was coming from behind him. Turning Ed moved out of the way to let the people pass.

Following the trail of people, the blonde’s eyes alighted on the most ridiculous structure he had ever seen. It looked like a tent, but what military had such a ridiculously colored one? This one had red and gold strips with little green flags perched on the three points. There was another thing, why in the world would anyone want such a big tent? Edward decided to check it out and walked on the outside of the crowd toward its source.

Now closer to the tent, Ed paled at the horribly disfigured people waving at the crowd into the tent. They both (for there were two, one on each side of the tent flap) had the palest faces Ed had ever seen, more white than those of albinos. The hair was also a sight. One had purple dreadlocks to his shoulders with a bright yellow cap on top. The other had curly hair that extended 4 inches around his head. On top of that, it was rainbow colored. Both had bright red, round noses. To add to the horrible facial features of the two was the clothes they were wearing. Deadlocks was wearing a green and blue striped body suit with yellow pom-pom buttons and overly large bright red shoes. Curly had on a floral shirt under a pair of orange and black plaid overalls. His shoes were a florescent green.


Definitely of a different tone than my current stuff, but I don't think how I've dealt with images has changed. And this is certainly the only time I've mentioned circuses.

Today, your tongue twister is:
Growing Green Worms


  1. Circuses have great potential for all genres. Was this a novel?

  2. even worse is when kids you babysat have kids! ayeayaye!

  3. I'd love to know where you were going with this one :-)

  4. I've totally done that with my younger sisters. For one of my sisters, I got her a birthday present with a birthday card saying something like "Happy 13th Birthday" When she was turning 16.

    That's a good excerpt. I'd be terrified to read anything I wrote when I was a teenager. Terrified.

  5. Not shabby, though! I recently found a poem I wrote at age 12 that won a local contest. Although it gave me great encouragement it sure wasn't wonderful.I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge blogs this month.

  6. Stopping by from A to Z. Good luck with the Challenge.


  7. I think we all have to grow as writers. I know Ian Rankin isn't impressed with his first Rebus book, but his readers love it. It's strange how we look back on things. I'm not sure I dare!

  8. Agreed! Looking back at stuff I wrote years ago is...interesting haha! But it's great to see there is potential for growth :)