Jan 1, 2012

Meet Gwen Tolios

Hello all!

I'm back for a new year, complete with a make over! I figure since I write and submit stories under a penname, it would make sense for me to blog under the same name, Gwen Tolios. I'm still me though! My aspersions and dreams are the same (getting published and making money writing), and I've just decided to focus this blog a little more on the fiction side of things.

My goal for Fulfilling Dreams this year is to create a platform, and I feel the best way to do that is to connect with people. So except a bit more of sharing on my part, be it drama or wacky videos. Relationships go two ways, so to form one with potential readers I'll have to give a bit of myself as well.

I loved Jennifer Radian's blog, before she sadly passed away, because she was an author who made sure to connect to her readers over material that wasn't strictly from her books. She shared extras from her series, as well as vacation photos and life's trials and errors. (I'd link to her blog, but it's no longer up). I also love the blog The Bloggess because of her wacky adventures, but also because I know she has issues and has a great personal message. That, and I want a fun life like hers. And being a science geek, I can't help but love the blog io9 as well and reading about new science and science fiction news.

All of these are, in my eyes, successful blogs that have their own little communities. And that's what I would like Fulfilling Dreams to be about. At it's heart will be my desire and journey to have my work in print, but it's also about hanging out with all of you guys as if we're friends at the largest booth in the local coffee shop. Not that I drink coffee, but such places also typically have really good hot chocolate too ^_^

I'm also going to showcase some of my writing this year, because in the future who wants to buy something from a writer who's style they don't like? (Except my sister and super duper nice friends.) Thus, I have for display two writing projects that I'm doing this year. One is the River of Stones, which only lasts for January but I might continue to do throughout the year. The other is my attempt at Fred White's Daily Writer meditations. Which are no walk in the park, let me tell you, judging simply from the prompt for January 1st.

So, I hope you all stick around through the new year, and if not, that's cool. I won't hunt you down or anything, promise! I'll see you guys all around, and for those who are doing Sally Q's 100K in 100 day challenge, I wish you luck!


  1. I think it's a good idea that you've made the change to your pen name. Although I am liable to get totally confused about who you really are!

    I'm doing the 100k in 100 Days too. Except for the very small snag that I haven't written anything yet. Oh well, there's another 99 days to go...

  2. Well hello Gwen!

    I like the new look and I love the ideas you have for this year. I look forward to following.

  3. Good to meet you, Gwen. What have you done with Jenny? Happy New Year!

  4. @Annalisa I know, this first month or so are bound to be a bit awkward, but I'm still the same person essentially. It should hopefully be easier to remember me now, as there are a lot less Gwens in the world. I'm not actually doing 100K in 100 days, but I wish you luck!

    @Rebecca Well, hello yourself Rebecca! I'm glad you like the new direction.

    @Linda ...would you believe me if I said I ate her? Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I've locked her away in my mind. But I made sure there was chocolate and books, so she should be fine ^_~

  5. Building a blog is hard work. Some bloggers seem to have an easier time at it than others, but it's always good to be judging progress and tweaking things here and there. Best wishes for you and your goals in 2012!

  6. @Emily - don't I know it! I started many blogs, but this one has been growing the best. That might have to due with the fact though that I use it to connect with such awesome people such as yourself.

  7. The blog looks fantastic. I'll have to get used to calling you Gwen :-)