Jan 16, 2012

I need a heated back pad

I learned a few things this weekend.

1) My friend tends to make bad bets.
2) I tend to join her in such stupid choices.
3) I can bench press 65 lbs? (this last one still shocks me)

The thing about the internet is you meet interesting people, and not knowing them outside of a website can be a bit of a drawback. In this case, my friend challenged someone on a fitness site to see who can get the most points from a workout in a single day. Of course, we made a full day of it, doing cardio and working with weights at my house. But our challenger is apparently a huge work out guro. Like, he goes to the gym several times a week and works out 3-4 hours each time. How were we supposed to know that his higher level was from intense workouts and not simply being on the site longer?

Needless to say, we lost. He got a little over 14,000 points for a day of working out. Us? I got about 5-6K, and she got 7K (she can do more with weights). Even combined, he still beat our butts. And I'm rather peeves at my friend because it's two days later and my back still hurts when I bend over to pull on or off pants. Or put my breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.

I didn't even consider the ramifications of working out for a full day, but man I wish I had now. But actually doing it, with someone there pushing me along, was so helpful. We gave each other mini challenges (I bet I can do 10 dips before you do 5 deadlifts!) and I did a lot more than I expected. I actually found myself meeting goals, and then immediately setting new ones because I was so excited about completing things and realizing what exactly I was capable of. Like bench pressing 65 lbs (um...20kg? I think, for those of you on the metric system).

It made me realize how important a partner going through the same things you are is to keep you going, and I've been working on a little project based on that idea. So let me know, how many of you would benefit from a writing partner?


  1. I kind of think of the internet writing community as my writing partners. Whenever I'm stuck I just throw something out on twitter and get feedback and love. It's great!

  2. 65 lbs is 29kg! Just in case you really wanted to boast. That's a great achievement, especially when you add in all the other exercise. No wonder you ache!!

  3. Hmmm... writing is different for me from things like exercise because it's so deeply personal. My husband is my writing partner I guess, because when I get stuck I bounce things off him. But it's not like we are two writers motivating each other. He's an artist and I'm a writer. I agree that the internet community can be very supportive, but I don't really share what I am writing with them while I'm writing it! We're all different about these things, I think. And 65 lbs seems like a lot!

  4. That is exactly why I love blogging. I actually just blogged about blogging and how I love it because of all the shoulders out there to lean on and motivate me to do more and be better:)
    Good for you working out like that, even if you are sore, you kicked your own butt and I guess that is a good thing:)

  5. I'm tired just reading this post!