Oct 3, 2011

I'm a failure

 I didn't get any fiction writing done this week.  Nada.  I'm gonna be so doomed next month.  But I did publish two articles, one on Amazon's new Kindle Fire and another on the fact that fish apparently can use tools even though they don't have hands.  Let's just say if I ever get another goldfish, I'm only putting sand in the bowl. And I updated one of the blogs (leaving the other two sad), the one where I'm trying to learn French by teaching others.  They say the best way to learn something is teach it right? Except I know I'm butchering the accents and that's why I'm not doing video casts of lessons. 

I did send out my epistle story to another market.  And got a quick turn around rejection.  I kinda liked the small wait time.  But it meant I didn't look up my next market yet.  Oh time that I do have and yet waist doing other things, like apple picking and making way to much food for a dinner party.  Seriously, I have enough pasta to last me more than a week.  And I'm all appled out for a week. Not to mention all that time I spend on Goodreads adding books to my 'to read' shelf and entering giveaways...though I have won two of those.

And like I said, I failed at any fiction writing at all.  But I do have three new ideas: one about mermaids being were-humans, another about the consequences of letting an alien do your homework, and one about a new year party and leaving your sleeping infant in the closet (which will hopefully be humorous). We'll see how those go.

For next week I want to:

  • write 1000 words
    • but more importantly get to know my MC for my NaNo novel
  • publish 2 articles
  • update my three other blogs at least once (for real this time!)
  • send out my story, again,
  • actually update my rejection counter, not just think about it


  1. Writing is writing, whether it's fiction or non-fiction... so you're not a failure, but any stretch.

    Failure is... planning to write and then somehow spring cleaning your bedroom instead (as I've just done)!

  2. Annalisa, you are way to nice! You're supposed to scold me for not doing what I set out to do.

    Well, cleaning is another something that I should get around to doing. I'm sure your bedroom is now marvelous.

  3. Failure is a big word. I was once told by a very smart woman that failure takes a lot of work. It takes making a conscious decision over and over again to NOT do what you should be doing.
    That being said, it sounds as though your got swamped by life.
    But you don't have time to think about that. You have writing to do! : )

  4. See, your definition of failure, Ms. King, is what I've been told by my dad is just plain old laziness. Which probably did contribute. -_-' But yes, I do have writing to do. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. That was last week - you'll do better with your next list of tasks.