Oct 28, 2011

He sees you when your sleeping, because he never does

Well, I think favorite villian and my mind goes to Hades. You know, this guy.

Hades from Hercules
He's funny, there's some great lines in the movie, and you can't help but enjoy his company.  Despite him being all 'Meg, I'm gonna black mail you' and 'I'm gonna defeat GODS', which is silly.  I mean, yeah, he's one.  But one god (even with Titans) against the rest of the pantheon? Wasn't gonna happen.  But he still tried, the dear.

But, Hades isn't a killer character, or rather a killer villain. 

To me, killer villains are those who do more than plan to take over the world (or worlds, maybe the universe).  They sneak under your skin, are people you hope to never met.  Kinda like Dementors.  But not really, because while Dementors can suck out your soul and steal your happy memories, they still leave you, well, you.

True villains turn you. They whisper in your ear, make you doubt yourself, your friends, make you do things you wouldn't do in your right mind and you go along with it because you don't notice, you think they're helping you.  And they don't just do it to one person.  They corrupt hundreds, thousands, and before you know it they've got an army and declared themselves Emperor of the Galaxy. Looking at you Emperor Palpatine.

Baddie #2 Toy

But there's someone even worse than the guy who created Darth Vadar.  You see, the Emperor had power for, oh what? 23 years? How ever old Luke is about.  And then he just died. It was a pitiful death scene if you ask me, just falling like that. Which is a different type of pity I feel for Jareth from the Labyrinth (played by David Bowie and primus that costume is off the charts) because I always feel sad for him.  The Emperor was a pathetic pitiful.

However, there does exist out there a villain who conquered death (for a little bit), and I'm not talking about Lord Voldemort.  There's that time issue again.  He was only 'dead' for what, 13 years?

Sauron however, was 'dead' for centuries.  And even while just this half alive figure, he managed to turn the insides of so many people.

First off, while he was alive, he made a bunch of rings.  9 for the men (who all turned into the Nazgul), 7 for the dwarfs (who also became corrupted) and 3 for the elves (who didn't because they're magic and stuff.  And super pretty).  And then 'one ring to rule them all' master bling for him to wear.  And you know what, he almost took over Middle Earth, and even after his body was destroyed, his spirit lived on to do his dirty work.

His spirit alone ordered around the citizens of Mordor, destoryed the environment to keep his home nice and gloomy, kept trapped those who died in the first war (those Marshes Frodo and Sam walked through, in case you're confused/forgetful/never read-or-watch the epicness that is Lord of the Rings for which I should shake my finger at you and shout 'Shame!' but I won't cuz I'm in a similar boat of other things, like the Hunger Games.  But those have been around a lot less)...lost my train of thought...oh!

Bad Things the Spirit of Sauron Did:
  • Upkeep on Mordor
  • Controlled an army of orcs, goblins, Nazgul, and other creatures to fight a war
  • Corrupted Gollum, Bilbo Baggins, Frodo, and Saruman.  I mean, all of them went through character flips for the worse, thanks to just nudges form Sauron's aura.
  • Played God, for the guy didn't blink or sleep for centuries.  He knew everything with that eye and his palintinars 

Seriously, he's not even fully alive and almost wins, can you image if he wasn't just a glowing, fiery eye?

The Eye of Sauron

He totally lost the first time only due to luck.

And the second time too, cuz Frodo wasn't gonna get rid of the ring.

Yup, Sauron's a BAMF.


  1. Great choices. Sauron is chilling. The thing I love most about him is that he never really show up in the book, but boy do we feel his presence!

  2. Great choices, and your first line made me laugh. I too love funny villains. And Sauron is scary as can be.

  3. Hades is an excellent choice! I also enjoy humorous villains. Thank you for participating in the blogfest!

  4. Wow, great choice. And I LOVE your argument. Great Job!!

  5. Sauron has haunted my nightmares since I read the books in sixth grade. Even more than that, the Wraiths scare the heck out of me!

  6. There are a lot of bad guys out there! I think Sauron is super scary.

  7. Great way to convince us! Sauron is a baddie!

  8. @Angela - I know! Sometimes the best way to show a character is how others see him and his effect on the environment. Tolkien does that perfectly with Sauron.

    @Julie - Hades is great. One of my favorite Disney villains for sure.

    @ER King - Yup, Hades is good, but there are better. He's still just a wanna be in my mind. And I'm so glad I participated! I loved this blogfest.

    @Jenny - why, thank you!

    @Tiffany - The Wraiths were super creepy. I went as one for Halloween back in high school, but no one knew who I was.

    @Melissa - There does seem to be a ton of baddies out there, doesn't there? But I'm sure Sauron could defeat them all.

    @JA Bennett - I'm glad you're convinced! Your brain now belongs to me.

  9. Those are all great choices. Very chilling villains. They all are classic examples of what bad should be when crafting villains. There has to be a reason peeps do what they do.

  10. Sauron is a great choice, because you're right -- imagine if he wasn't just that eye!

  11. LOVE it!!!! Yes, Sauron is a fantastic choice (now why didn't I think of him myself?), and he's definitely got no point of comparison with the other baddies you mentioned, like Voldemort and the Emperor and Hades (not too sure about the Hercules version--never saw it--but the Hades of mythology mightn't have been the nicest guy, but he wasn't a villain). Sauron beats them all, hands down, no problem. Bravo for choosing him. But what I really loved about your post is your VOICE! Fantastic sense of humor, and an authentic tone to it, too. LOVE it!!! Did I already say that?

  12. You've got some seriously good ones here. The eye of Sauron is my favorite!

  13. What a creepy post! You're definitely right about a good villain, they get under your skin.

  14. @Sarah - I know, right?

    @PK Hrezo - Yes! Villains need characterization too.

    @Jen - Actually, I try to not think about that. I don't like nightmares.

    @Guilie - Watch the Disney Hercules! You'll fall in love with it for sure. Glad you like my rambling ^_^

    @Deana - Look at that, you've got great taste.

    @Rebecca - Good to see you around again! But yes, that's what makes a villain a true antagonist.