Oct 17, 2011

Either my calender's too full, or I need to get off facebook

Well...this week has been busy.  But not really with writerly things.  I baked an apple pie.  I started on my Halloween costume (which is taking longer than I had originally expected and all my constructing just involves duct tape and cardboard :/).

But I have been reading Orson Scott Card's book on characters, and I absolutely love it. I've not really read writing books, but I've read so many blogs and listened to podcasts on the subject that sometimes things blur together and everything feels like it's been said before.  But while Card's book is on a topic I've covered before, it reads so well.  It's light, and full of examples, and I am totally going through it at a pace similar to my current fiction reads.

It's also led me to really develop characters for my NaNo novel that are dead :/  Which, you know, doesn't help when writing the live characters. Actually, I have a lot of dead characters.

And to add to my October fun-list of things to do, I'm joining the Killer Characters Blogfest.  I hope to, you know, not forget about the fact I signed up for one this time around -_-' Oh, and don't forget that Oct 20th is the National Day of Writing!

So, goals.  Didn't come up with a name for my book, but that's okay.  I think I wrote two articles? Oh man, I know it's bad if I can't remember things, and I know I failed at updating my other blogs.

Thus, for this week, and mayhap till the end of the month, I'm going to try to focus on NaNo things.  And Halloween things. And those blogfests. Anything else will be a happy extra.  Come November, all I'll worry about will be word counts ^_^


  1. Well, you're certainly busy. Make the most of the variety before next month hits :-)

  2. I'll try! But I've also found that if I'm not busy, I get really lazy. It forces me to be organized.