Sep 26, 2011

Tsk tsk tsk

As I mentioned before, I get giddy over a lot of little things.  This week I was quite taken by this video. I'm such a space junkie.

Well, my goal last week was to get back in to a writing stream and I think I moderately succeeded. I mean, I wrote more than I have in a while.  Got practice doing complete rewrites instead of just fixing scene.  But I couldn't help but feel that each new version was a completely new fiction piece.  It's wasn't improving a scene per say, but writing a whole new one each time.  The characters shifted, not just the actions or location.  The relationship was different each and every time.  It makes me wonder if I can write a consistent relationship, I've never really been one for writing romance stories.  Maybe I can try to sneak one in my NaNo novel this year.  I need more characters I think. And for sure need to spend an hour or two working out my plot. At least.

Anywho, I do feel more writerly after last week.  Using this blog helped a lot.  I don't know how many of you actually read my rework flash fiction piece(s) [original - rewrite 1 - rewrite 2], but that's okay.  As I went along I discovered that I really was posting for me, to make sure that I did something.  And just the threat that someone may call me out for not posting made me go write.  Any type of account ability apparently goes a long way with me, so I'm going to try to keep it going somewhat, posting weekly updates on what I've did the previous week. 

I've read something about where accountability journals (of which will not be the main feature of this blog, in case you're wondering) work best if you set up goals and then punishments for not completing them.  My goals are going to be the same weekly for the most part, but I would love your help punishing me.  Just a simple comment scolding will do.  And you're welcome to throw in a virtual finger shaking.  I'm willing to return the favor for anyone who wants it.

In addition to writing fiction, this little rewriting project of mine jump-started my article writing too. That and the Examiner changed things so that not all articles had to be local.  Which is a lifesaver.  Doing science news, it's hard to find local things.

Over all, I manged to write about 1500 words last week.  I also wrote a review on Pottermore, an article about Popular Science awarding a local scientist (which got tweeted three times and that makes me silly-happy), and a movie review on the original, Israeli version of The Debt.

For next week I want to:
  • write 2000 words (cuz I really do have more time to write than I thought)
  • publish 2 articles
  • update my three other blogs at least once
  • send out my epistle story to another market
  • should probably update my rejection counter too....

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  1. Wow, that's quite a list of goals. Mine just says "Write something, you slacker" :-) Enjoy your week.