Sep 19, 2011

Coming Out

Oh dears, I really did mean to post this earlier today, as in before midnight. But things got in my way (aka I forgot until I checked my e-mail and saw one from blogger).  Anywho, here is the original flash fiction piece that I mention in my last post.  As the goal of this mini fiction work shop is to work on rewrites, if you guys have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Rated pg-13 for language, I guess

“You should just kiss him,” Marie said, a Trident sugarless bubble popping around her lips as she flipped through an old Lucky magazine.

“Excuse me?” Vikie shrieked, pausing in her re-ordering of the baked goods.


“Why would I want to kiss him? He’s the most annoying person I’ve ever met.  He doesn’t even know my name, he calls me Bites! You know why?”

“Because the first time he saw you he was like ‘are those mosquito bites on your chest?’”  Marie blew another bubble, bored.  God, that new Starbucks a block away stole all their customers.

“Exactly!” The cookie in her hand broke as he clenched it in anger. Sheepishly, Vikie moved it to the back of the display.  “He’s always putting me down, we always argue. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to spend time me, and wouldn’t if we didn’t both know Jeff.   You know what he did yesterday? He came in and had me remake his coffee seven times. Seven times!”

“I know! Enough already.” Marie turned face Vikie and leaned on the counter.  “You talk about him all the fucking time. It’s always Aaron did this, Aaron did that, Aaron makes me so mad.  I’m sick and tired of hearing about it.  Someone on your mind that much has got to be someone you’re attracted too.”

“I’m not attracted to him!”

“Vikie, he’s a jock.  Blonde hair, bright gray eyes, abs.  Who doesn’t want to fuck him?”

Stilling kneeling down, Vikie placed an attitude filled fist on her hip.  Or tried to, while performing the motion she lost her balance a bit and fell into the glass panel. “Um me, I’m a lesbian remember?”

“Yeah, yeah, a lesbian from birth.  You’ve told me. Have you even tried being straight? Boys aren’t bad you know.”

“Yes, I know. Jeff is a dear who brings you flower and convinces you to skip Bio 213 for wonderful morning sex.”

Marie smiled.  “Why yes.  Did I tell you what he did this morning? He-“

“Woke you up by waving a plate of bacon under your nose. I know, you told me that earlier.”

“Just like you told me about Aaron reordering that coffee seven times three times already? I only mentioned bacon twice now.”

“I did not! Did I?”

Marie raised an eyebrow and spat out her gum in the wrapper.

“Oh. But I don’t like him!” She pulled out the mini tray of scones.  They were too old to sell after today, and it’s not like anyone was going to come and buy any in the two hours till closing.  Might as well eat them now. Vikie placed the tray on the counter next to the blender.

“Then why did you give him a pamphlet to your apartment complex when you found out he was looking to move? Or give him your Math book from last semester? For free I might add.”

“I tried selling that thing, but no one wanted it. At least it’s getting used.  And I gave him pamphlets to other places too!”

“Doesn’t change the fact that you gave him them in the first place.  Plus, he doesn’t hate you.  Didn't you say he gave you a ride home last month when it was raining? And gave you quarters at the laundromat?”

Vickie mumbled something under her breath, pulverizing a scone with a plastic knife.  Marie just smiled. 

“Fine, still be gay.  Just call it sexual experimentation or something.”

Vikie gaped at her, mouth open in horror. 

“You know hetroflexibility? Where straight people kiss their own gender, but go back to being straight? Like when Madonna kissed Britney Spears, they liked it, but both are still straight.  Can’t you be lesboflexible or something?”

“Dear Lord Marie, who do you think I am? I do relationships, not flings! Just stop, stop.  I want something lasting with him.” She gasped, hands flying up to mouth.

“Ah-hah.  You do like him.”

“I can’t.  I’m gay. My moms would be so disappointed if I came out as straight.  I don’t even know if I am!” 

“So kiss him and find out! Honestly Vikie, you may have been born lesbian,” Marie air quoted the last two words, “but your moms weren’t.  And if it’s that big of a deal, just tell them you’re bi.”

Vikie stared at her bugged eyed, but Marie ignored her and took a bite of a scone.

“But, but I like being gay.  It’s, it’s,”

“You.” Marie finished, turning serious. “I get that. And I’m not saying kissing Aaron would change that.  Just that it’ll help.”

“With what?” Vikie felt deflated.

“With answering questions.” Marie turned chipper again, grabbing a scone and poking Vikie in the cheek with it.  “And it might be fun.  It’ll most likely prevent a repeat coffee incident.”

Vikie brushed the scone away from her face. “I’ll think about it.” But she already knew she would, ever since Marie suggested it the second time.  She couldn’t really say why, other than she wanted to, and maybe that was reason enough.


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