Sep 25, 2011

Coming Out 3, except not really

I really liked the more internalness? (guess you could say that) of my rewrite so wanted to do something of a similar thing.  I considered something where Vikie talks to her parents, but then decided to instead have her interact with Aaron.  I described it often enough in the other two versions, why not show it?

It didn't quite come out how I imaged. They have a very different relationship here and Vikie's mentality has morphed. And she doesn't actually confess to anything.  Is this my favorite of the three? I can't tell.  But I do like it better than the original again. Though the ending still erks me.

The first day of class he had asked her out for coffee.  Vikie cocked an eyebrow at him and said “I prefer chicks.” She didn’t bother putting her notebook in her bag, just scooped it out and made her way quickly towards the door. 

But Aaron plopped into the seat next to her on Wednesday with a smile on his face and said “It’s cool that you’re a lesbian.  That means I can be your friend without worrying about you crushing on me.”

Vikie had rolled her eyes, what a prat.  Who’d want to be his friend?

Apparently she did, as pleasant conversations before and after lectures led into hanging out outside of class.  They made good clubbing buddies, pretending to be a couple.  Dancing was fun and all, but getting hit on by drunk people wasn’t. 

“I don’t want to date a girl I meet a club,” he told her once, “They’re too wild for me.  I need someone tame.”

Vikie however had no such qualms.  Or at least, she didn’t mind kissing a random girl on the dance floor while Aaron took a leak.  Or chatted with the woman behind the bar.  She didn’t have the heart to tell Aaron Marie was as straight as a boiled noodle.  And only a decent lay.

She did that a lot, in high school and her first year at uni.  Hook up or bed with any girl could.  It was fun, and her second year was supposed to be similar.  But it was halfway through November now, and she had only slept with two girls.  Last year, it had been seven by now.

Despite her orientation, Vikie had a feeling it had to with the boy across from her.  Their table was small, meant for two cups of coffee not two laptops, but it was one of the few near an outlet.  The lower right corner of her Mac hung off the table, while Aaron’s was fully supported.  His chem notebook was not however, and his book sat in his lab.

Vikie knew there was a pole under the table, but her knees kept brushing his instead, and her shifting feet kept nudging his shoes.  He didn’t seem to mind, focused on balancing equations.  She on the other hand hadn’t worked on her history essay for a full five minutes, ever since he had stretched out his left leg so it past under her right one.  He rocked his foot on its heel, the toe brushing the fabric of her sweat pants half way up her calf.

It was very distracting.

In a nice sort of way. But she cut her thoughts off when they turned to wondering about how it would feel he ran the top of his foot down her bare leg.

God, she had gone through the whole am-I-straight-or-not gag already and the question had been a very obvious not.  Kissing Bobby Crowell had done nothing to her body.  Kissing Mary Hopkins had. 

But here she was, imaging touches from a guy.  She had never actually felt them before, so maybe this was just curiosity raising its head. 

Aaron didn't look at her, despite her staring for the last minute.  A roman nose, light brown hair that reminded her of the bear she slept with as a child.  He almost had girly lips, and his eyelashes certainly curled naturally.  But what struck her wasn’t he looks.  It was the frown of concentration on his face as he flipped to the periodic table in the back of the book, back to the page he left his finger on, and then back to the table. It was how the white shirt he was wearing made him seem young.  And how that wiggling foot was doing things to her stomach.

“Aaron?” she hedged and he hummed to show he heard her, giving her part of his attention at least. “Did you mean what you said the second day of class?”

He looked up at her, blinking like one who had just woke up.  “What?”

“The second day of class, you said you had a problem being friends with girls because they crushed on you.”

Aaron flushed pink, dipping his shoulders and hiding for a second behind his laptop screen.

“I’m just curious, cuz after knowing you for months you’ve never seemed that self-centered.”

“It came up once or twice in high school and at summer camps. I really just wanted to be your friend, you seemed cool. “

Vikie closed her laptop and leaned forward. “Has the problem cropped up this year?”

“Nope.” He grinned and then turned his attention back to his homework.

Vikie wanted to say that it had, that she wanted a night with him and her tangled in sheets.  But that would just open a can of worms, one that she would prefer to keep closed.  It was just curiosity. It would fade.  She hoped.

But now, she wanted a warm body curled next to her.  And if not Aaron, there was the blonde at the end of the hall who had been intrigued at her sexual orientation.  Vikie could talk her into a night of heavy petting at least.

She faked a yawn and stood up.  “See you Monday, Aaron.” Vikie swung her backpack on.

He looked up briefly and tilted his head, brown hair falling in his eyes. Her stomach twinged again.  “Sure.”


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