Aug 5, 2011


I have found a new obsession and it's name is GoodReads.

Rebecca Bradley's current read box always had me curious and jealous, and so I give many thanks to her for essentially walking me through the processes step by step to get my own up.

But yes, GoodReads.  I had been using a book tracking app on Facebook for a while, but they died and were pushing everyone over to GoodReads and I can totally see why.  You can keep track of books, but also interact with other readers of those books. Not to mention you can friend people (include author crushes), and I'm rather addicted to the book giveaways.  They're a great way to get a hold of those unheard of treasures.  And snag advance copies ^_~

It's totally part of my 'Friday check on updates' lists now.

Also, I just got a new book I bought in the mail and the author is forever endeared to me because of her dedication "To the adults who still believe in magic".

Or something of the sort, as the book is in my acon-less room and I'm chilling on the couch downstairs with a ton of lemonade.


  1. I had that on my 'to check out' list. I'm going to do it right now :)

  2. I might check it out when I've got more time. I currently read so little, it's embarrassing!