Jul 19, 2011

MYWYN wrap up

80K in 80 days.  MYWYN

A noble goal, that's for sure, but one I wasn't able to complete.

Granted, the challenges was a push to get things down that I never would have before.  And I did get a lot more writing done than I would have otherwise.

Non fiction word count: 41433 (Plus, I seem to be having a steady income from this now.  It's 20 cents a month at this point, but hey, it's consistent and will continue to make me money with little effort from my part.  And will slowly grow.)

Fiction word count:  34232

Total word count: 75665


I'm actually quite shocked, looking at those numbers.  I thought I might have 50K, not 75K and now I feel even more disappointed in myself because I could have totally blitzed 5K last week if I knew that I was that close.  A close run like this is always worse than a wide gap I feel.  I always wonder if I put in a last bit of effort...

Lessons?  Hmm, write when you can.  Those 15 minutes add up.  If you need to, actually set up time to write. Find a community to travel with for company and support.

Also, I'm playing with the idea of from now on completing a work before showing it to my critique group.

Writing something to bring in week after week does encourage me to write, but I think it might be encouraging the wrong thing.  That is, fluff.  Words for the sake of words, and not scenes that advance characters or plot.  By having a complete work done before getting it critiqued I at least will know what's going to happen in future installments that I bring to my group (and it will prevent me from editing/rewrite as I go along).  At the moment, I don't know what I'm talking about half the time or know where things are going, and that makes it hard to crit a scene as part of a whole work. 

This new outlook on writing may be a bit of a problem.  I have completed numerous short stories, but only one tale longer than 55K and that took me a year to complete.  But then again, I guess that's why NaNo and MYWYN exist (if it's still called that next year), to push me to complete something faster than I would normally by forcing me to focus on it instead of dividing my attention among a variety of needs.

I do love challenges, and I hope to see a number of you MYWYNers in November!


  1. It's always good to realise when something isn't working, and even better when you know how to fix it. It sounds like getting the whole piece done before critiques will work better for you.

    Congratulations in getting through MYWYN, and exceeding your own expectations :)

  2. They are figures to be proud of. Congratulations! I completely agree with writing even when time is short. It does all add up and I've been glad to have taken part in this challenge.

  3. Sarah - Thanks. It is thrilling to see what I've done so far.

    Rebecca - Those short moments really do add up. And sometimes they turn into long moments and I get even more done!