Jun 1, 2011

Writing Challenges/ MYWYN update

I love widespread writing challenges; large event coordinated online with a supportive community, lots of new people to met, and a goal.

I'm sure, my fellow writers, that you've heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  50K words in the 30 days during the month of November.  This totally singles me out as a writer, but my favorite and proudest accomplishment is winning NaNo the past two years. Not that I wrote a novel, it was more like I worked on this project here, that project there, but I did write 50K words in the month. 

The sad thing was, NaNo only happens once a year.

And then I was introduced to MYWYN (May- You Write Your Novel). (Also, I just realized that if you say that out loud, it's "my win". I love it!) Despite it's name, the event doesn't take place just over May, but the 80 days between May 1st and July 19th, with the goal of 1000 words a day for the result of an 80K novel.  80K, being the size of a salable novel, compared to the 50K from NaNo.

Instead of writing a novel, I figured I'd jump start my article writing, with the goal of writing one a day for the website Infobarrel.  80 articles is a good start I figured.

As it's now the first of June, I figured I should post an update of how I'm doing.

I'm falling behind >.<

I have only written 22 articles, not even half of which are 1K.  It takes effort to write them I've found - research on keywords to see what people are searching, then researching facts for the article, and then formatting it properly, finding pictures and linking to the sources, finding products I can link to (for I get paid for these articles based on ad commissions, be they from Google or Amazon), and proofreading twice.  Writing fiction, or at least a first draft, does not take nearly so much time.  For me anyway.  And with real life piling on and the concern for awhile I was going to be unemployed, or at least have my hours cut enough where I couldn't make rent, there were other concerns on my mind.

I've got a lot of writing to do, but I do hope to catch up to my awesome fellow...MYWYNers?  WYNers?


We need to come up with a name for ourselves!


  1. 22 articles sounds pretty good to me. I hope they are bringing in some money.

    I'm loving the challenge too, but I'm tired as I tend to wake up early with ideas.

    Keep going and you may find your word count increases as the article process gets more practised. Well done. Mx

  2. No money yet, there's something the community over there calls a two month block, allowing articles to gain maturely and backlinks before things happen. But I'll keep this blog updated on such stuff.

    I'm hoping the process will take less time/have longer articles as it goes on, but even now I'm learning alot.

  3. I'm also doing this and also behind, but for me it's the taking part, it's that extra push I need and having people there along the way has been a great help. Together we can keep on writing! :)