Jun 9, 2011

When the Waiting Game is *Supposed* to be Over

So, I'm actively submitting my short story Coward to magazines.  It's essentially a long waiting game -_-'

However, in my current market the game should be over.  The magazine's website said I'd get a response in 12 weeks (which is such a long time I'm never submitting to something with a wait time like that again!), but those weeks came and go.  So I sent a letter to the editor, whom I also sent my manuscript to, politely asking for the status of my manuscript.

It's been almost a week now, and I haven't gotten a response :/

Should I just assume that this is another rejection and move on to the next market? I'm all for it, it'd mean I'm no longer sitting around and waiting.  But I don't want to send my story off somewhere, only to have this first market respond positively *fingers crossed* and have to pull it from the second market I have lined up that I know doesn't take simultaneous submissions.  Editors hate that.

I just hate this extra prolonged period of inaction, and want to do something about it, but I'm rather stuck. :/

Thoughts, my dear fellow writers?


  1. Always send out lots of stories to lots of places, so something is always coming or going. Always know where a rejected story is going to be sent next, so you can just send if off again straight away. Don't get upset about rejection - it's just a reflection of how that story was received by that editor at that particular time.

  2. I think if you have waited the required time, regardless of if they plan on coming back to you, it's ok to submit elsewhere now. Lots of luck with it.

  3. @Annalisa - I'd love to send out stories to multiple places at once, but a lot of the markets I want to be in don't accept simultaneous submissions, which is a huge bummer. But no, I've learned how take a rejection properly, I feel like its a must learn lesson for every author.

    @Rebecca - I'm thinking the same thing, and so it's on my to-do list for today.

  4. No, not multiple submissions (I agree, a big no-no), different stories to different places. Just so you're not focussed on just one story being accepted. If you only have one story, write others while you're waiting and you won't notice the time passing.

  5. @Annalisa - yeah, I really should polish some of my other fiction pieces and work on getting those out to places