Jun 18, 2011

Rewrite (which coincidentally also is the title of a song I really like)

I personally find that for stories that I need to write, but aren't all shiny and new, it's best if I set aside time to specifically work on them.  Preferably without Internet access.

So, my project the other day was a rewrite.  I typically like to redo and polish every scene I bring to my writing group within in the week so I don't have a massive amount of stuff to fix once the project's finished, and for the past week I decided to completely redo a scene.

I don't get along with massive rewrites.  I much prefer to polish things, maybe at a paragraph here, change what happens in that one, and spell check the hell out of thing.  It might also have to do with the fact that most of my rewrites have occurred after I a) lost the document and my self-taught computer magic skills were useless and the rewrite occurred after I was so depressed I couldn't type for days or b) my computer was out of commission, my file inaccessible, and my prof wanted something the next morning so I was forced to use a public computer sitting in a backless chair. 

But, while working out this scene I found that I really don't mind the rewrites.  I mean, it makes me feel all writerly.  If that makes sense.  It might not. I'm weird that way.  But it just seems to speak of dedication, and the willingness to work around problems, and seems to be a kernel of the romantic starving artist notion, in a stereotypical kind of way.  But doing stereotypical things makes us feel as if we are that stereotypical, and I love the idea of being a writer.  I'm hoping to skip the starving part, but last I checked the fridge in the co-op I live in had only one gallon of milk.  There's 43 of us.


Breakfast matters aside, as much as I don't like feeling like what I originally wrote was just shy of useless, rewriting feels right.  Feels real. And I'm glad for that, cuz I can see many, many more in my future.

And in a completely unrelated manner, how do twelve year olds act? I've been told my little Margret acts 7 :/


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