Jun 8, 2011

Character emotions

I met with my writing group last night, and realized one of the benefits of bringing different sections of the same work on a regular basis is that you don't just learn how to improve a scene, but the story as a whole based on the similar comments you get each meeting.

That being said, I discovered that I lack emotion.  As in, how my characters react to each other, to situation.  When writing, I get caught up in the idea of 'what's going to happen', the action plot, and the more subtle nuances of characterization escape me. Which is funny because in the derivative works I write everything is always over emotional and the stories are labeled as angst. I guess that's just the difference that come with writing original fiction.  There's a lot more work involved.

It's just funny, because usually when I write I find myself looking at the story through the eyes of the viewpoint character I'm currently writing from, especially as this work (Cows for lack of a better title and something not long) is in 1st person.  And yet, it was the main character Belle that people wanted to see more from.  And the character I'm not sure of,  Don, every one got a solid read of.  >.<

I swear, writing is going to give me multiple personality disorder, and maybe I should take a week off and just really get to know my characters.  I mean, while talking about another authors work the question 'I'm not sure what she wants' came up.  It was only directed at the scene, but I had to stop and think, "What does Belle want?"  And blanked for a moment.  But I know what she wants, and now I just have to make sure that the reader want that.  But I now have to repeat that for all the characters I have so far (4, with more to show up).

It's times like this that I hope all this effort and work will pay off to be something salable.


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