May 29, 2011

World Steam Expo

It's past midnight, but I just recently got home and am so high on ideas.  This weekend is the World Steam Expo and while I couldn't afford the whole weekend, I could afford to attend today.  Some of you are probably like "Steampunk, what's that?" (Victorian era alternate history science fiction) and some of you probably don't care (in which case, shame on you).

But the real interesting thing about this convention is that it's not like those centered on comics or anime/manga - it's all world based. And most of the crowd is older than my fresh college grad age.  See, steampunk has very little as far as media texts go (especially compared to other genres), maybe 50 titles and a few movies. Granted, it has only been around since the 80s.  But that means when you dress up (and you have to dress up!) you're dressing as a character you've made up and are role playing as.

There were panels on how to create a character, how to design a costume that reflects that character, how to fight with fists/dirty tricks/swords/guns, the history of the era, hypothesizing how airships would actually fight (since they never did in real life), on the philosophy of genre, how it fits into modern culture, and how to escape from zombies.

So now, in addition to now having a more elaborate character and needing to flesh out my costume to match, I have so many characters and plot ideas swimming in my head.  I have a servant on a luxury Zepplin who is actually a Spanish spy whose task it is is to eavesdrop on the passengers.  I have a plot about an airship warping though time to the modern day. I now know how to block fights and have an itch to write such a scene. And then there's the plump fortune teller sashaying in the back of my mind yelling about the dangers of traveling with a vaudeville circus and the effort to keep Roma out of the show. And then there's that little Civil War tidbit I learned, where part of Texas succeeded because it agreed with Union ideals, didn't pay state taxes, and created it's one militia to attack other parts of the state. I'd love a story based on that.

I have so many ideas, I don't know how I'll sleep.


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