May 27, 2011

Book Meme

I noticed a book meme floating around and figured I'd jump on it. ^_~

Can you name…

1. A book you threw across the room in anger
2. A book in which you underlined nearly every sentence.
3. A book you were surprised to love.
4. A book you can’t wait to read.


1) Well, I've never thrown a book across the room.  But I have read plenty of books I couldn't force myself to finish (Star Maker by Stapledon) and have read other books where I squirmed in embarrassment for the character because they were being stupid (the 5th Harry Potter).

2) Hmmm, no.  But as for books that have stayed with me after I've read them, the most recent would have to be Free by Chris Anderson.

3) I really don't like canon lit, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading the Count of Monte Cristo.

4)  Um,  most books I buy XD  I mean, I'm buying them for a reason after all.


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